Tokyo, 3/10/2018 


Have you ever felt the feeling of having found your ideal place on the other side of the world?

If you love fashion, culture, greenery and quiet you can not be fascinated by Meguro and Daikanyama, certainly two of Tokyo's most interesting districts.
Located in the southeast part of the metropolitan area, they can be reached directly by metro (Naka-Meguro stop / Hibiya Line).
Once out of the station head towards the shaded avenues of Meguro Gawa, the river that crosses the entire district.
Visiting Japan during the flowering period (March / April) would mean seeing the colored foliage of the cherry trees touching the water with the many petals, undoubtedly a magical and unique show.
Meguro River
"Meguro River"

Lose yourself along the streets bordering the canal, linger in the tiny clothing store "Vase"  where vintage is mixed with high-quality tailored garments.

"Vase, a little shop for a great selection of vintage and tailormade clothes"
Is it time for a snack?
We advise you to taste the Hawaiian specialties of "Aloha Table", do not miss their delicious pancakes!

Continue your walk uphill to the heart of Daikanyama and stop by "Hollywood Ranch Market" and "Blue Blue", two of the Seilin & Co stores where products made in Japan and Made in Italy coexist with the warm British knitwear for a breathtaking proposal and visual. If you love denim, indigo, patchwork and craft techniques, you will not escape the temptation to want one of their clothes in your suitcase!
Surely you will notice that the service and the staff can be defined impeccable.
Daikanyama T-site
"Daikanyama T-Site Entrance"
In 5 minutes you will arrive at  "Daikanyama T-Site " .
A complex in the countryside where you can find:
- A giant bookstore with Starbucks coffee inside - " Tsutaya Books "
Tsutaya Books
"Tsutaya Books is one of the most famous library in Tokyo, Starbucks is inside"
Tsutaya Books
"You can find books and magazines of all kinds inside Tsutaya Books"
-A restaurant / bar where you can have lunch or simply sip a drink - " Ivy Place "
- A battery-power assisted bycicle shop - "Daikanyama motovelo"
-A store specialized in digital cameras - "Daikanyama kitamura photo equipment"
- A grooming saloon and a dog accessories/food shop complete with an outdoor garden created specifically for our four-legged friends - "Green dog Daikanyama"
Here the atmosphere is so relaxing that it will always seem to be Sunday.

A real paradise for those looking for a place where they can study, read and work in quiet, spend time with their family, with their closest friends and their passions.

Daikanyama T-site
"Spend your time in Daikanyama T-site and enjoy his positive vibes"
Losing yourself in the streets of the district, you will find an infinity of shops that enhance the craftsmanship and uniqueness of Japanese brands
You can not miss "High Standard", "Okura" and "Journey", three realities where Vintage, Denim and Indigo are absolute protagonists.
High Standard Vintage Shop
"High Standard offers super-selected vintage clothes and accessories"
Okura Clothes Shop
"Okura born in an old traditional japanese house, it's the favorite destination for Indigo lovers"
By the way, it is right here that we will take you to an unmissable place.
In a courtyard made of trees and wooden structures, there is a small sakè bar with the entrance so hidden that it seems secret. Small fruits will fall to the ground while you are enjoying a granita or your favorite Japanese drink, here the time stops and the only thing you can do is enjoy the moment silently.
Sakè Bar in Daikanyama
"Find this hidden place and enjoy a Sakè from a large selection of flavours"
Daikanyama does not end here.
This hill will never stop to surprise you, every corner tells you a little story.
Heading down the hill, independent vintage shops, children's playgrounds, French pastries and barbershops follow each other harmoniously and the best thing you can do is go inside "Milk, Black, Lemon by Gogo No Kocha".
Milk Black Lemon
"Milk, Black, Lemon. The perfect place for a snack with friends"
Indie Folk music, soft lighting, open kitchen and wicker chairs are the perfect setting to enjoy toast, quiches and sandwiches served with Hokkaido cheese, chicken and vegetables.
Follow the advice of their menu and drink with your snack the tea that is suggested, you can choose from a great variety! Finally, do not forget to taste one of their delicate cheesecake.
"Do not miss the cheesecake made with Hokkaido cheese!"
There are plenty of good reasons to visit Meguro and Daikanyama.
It is here that you can discover the most romantic and bohemian side of Tokyo, where the pace of life is not so overwhelming, the metropolitan thoughts seem more distant, the faces more relaxed and more real and involving smiles of a thousand bows and formalities.
In Meguro and Daikanyama always seems to be Sunday.


Written by Leo & Marta.