Place, X/X/X - ‘’Notes of Prof.Osac’’

Travel often.


Traveling means observing, living and appreciating different cultures.


Traveling means making new connections and meeting people who may change your life with a word or a small gesture.


Traveling means planning an itinerary and then change it and improvising at the moment.


Traveling means opening your eyes, mind and heart to what we think is different.


Traveling means discovering realities far from ours.


Traveling means going home with a bag full of experiences that will allow you to see everything according to a new point of view.


The world is big, full of unique places and people that can help you grow.

“Aerial View” - (Shot by Ms.Prosac)

Travel often.

Travel with your body and mind.


Travel with a trolley, a backpack, a pouch, two suitcases or just a document holder.


Travel with your family, your friends, your love or alone.


Travel to discover the millions of faces that populate the streets of the big cities.


Travel to enjoy nature and stop for a moment to listen to the sound of silence.


Travel and do not be afraid of losing yourself, you are only finding yourself.

Taxi in Tokyo
"Taxi in Tokyo" - (Shot by Ms.Prosac)

The world is beautiful, discover it but remain always proud of your origins!

"Umbria"- (Shot by Luigi Pica)


Remember that life is a journey and that the true essence of all this journey is knowing how to taste the intensity of every single moment.


Travel often.


"Berliner corner" - (Shot by Ms.Prosac)

Prof. Osac